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No fad diets, no pills, no meal substitute protein shakes or powders, can do what the 12-day Detox can do for you, naturally!

I would like to invite you to experience the best your body can be!

In the next 12 days you can dissolve your sugar cravings and forget about carbs! Experience what it is feels like to completely purify your body and cleanse your entire system of stored up toxins that have been weighing you down for years.

Drop up to 5 pounds and fall in love with your radiant skin and new sense of vitality!

Welcome to the 12 Day Detox!

Do you want to eat healthy, move and be empowered? Join 1000’s of people who’ve lost weight, improved their skin, lowered their blood sugar and reduced symptoms of disease.

You get:

  • An Easy Preparation Packet
  • Daily Modules
  • Daily Workbooks
  • Daily Meditation Videos
  • A supportive community to cheer you on
  • Confidence and clarity about healthy eating and lifestyle

Starting a new health regimen and changing your lifestyle can sometimes make you feel lost and alone.  Believe me, I understand.

Which is why with the 12 Day Detox Program you will also get:

  • Access to a group of people just like you.
  • Shopping lists and tips, menus, and recipes.
  • 45-minute personalized consultation with me, a certified health coach, so I can get to know you and help you get started.
  • Opportunities to grow and expand on what you achieve.


You won’t find this kind of support anywhere else!

Throughout the 12-days I will show you how to reduce painful inflammation, integrate exercise and vital movement into your daily life, and transform your body into its best state of being!

You’ll also learn:

    • Effective ways to release toxins
    • How to shop healthy & confidently
    • How to cleanse without deprivation or hunger
    • How primary foods affect your health
    • Travel tips during your cleanse
    • Motivational techniques & visualization

Everything you consume during your 12-day Detox, is designed to give your body the best, most compact sources of nutrition. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is the perfect kick-off!

You’ll recognize the real benefit to this system is cleansing and detoxing with good nutritious whole foods. ..not chemicals or processed foods…just good clean food. Most importantly, afterwards you will enjoy the emphasis we place on teaching you the no-fail secrets to maintaining your healthy lifestyle indefinitely!

Excited to feel happy and healthy? Start here, with the 12 Day Detox.

Plans & Pricing

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 What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me!

Claudia’s 12 day detox program exceeded my expectations and was the best way to kick start my journey to a healthier way of eating and living. I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete the program when I started. However, Claudia’s daily support group, clear program materials and encouraging video helped keep me motivated to reach my goal. I am now caffeine, sugar and gluten free and about 5 lbs lighter! I also have more energy, sleep better and am more focused during the day. Thank you Claudia!

Jeanine L.

Pound Ridge, NY


[After the detox I feel] happy with my weight and motivated to try new recipes. Yeah! I really liked all the questions to fill out prior to doing the cleanse as well as the day by day menu planning. I didn’t use them past day 4 but it was good to get me started. I loved some of the recipes – the mint arugula salad, black bean dip and the cucumber salad were all great. So easy and so yummy!


Alexandra M.

Clark, CO

Before the detox, I was sluggish and felt tired all the time. Getting up in the mornings took great effort. My digestion was off. And I was tired of the hold food seemed to have on me. I felt like my stomach led my body. I was just a walking stomach.  Now, after the detox,  I have more energy. Even though I still go to bed late and get up early, getting up in the mornings is easier. My stomach slimmed down a little. My hands and feet feel thinner. I hadn’t realized that they were bloated or inflamed before the detox. While I still have cravings for certain types of food, now I know that I can control it. Removing that food from my life gave me time to consider what I really enjoy eating opposed to eating whatever I can get my hands on. I have decided that if I am going to indulge, it won’t just be for any food, but for food that I really enjoy. And the detox helped me discover that list is not as long as I thought it was. 

Michelle E.

Ft. Washington, MD

  Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like a juice fast?

No ~ this is not a juice fast.  While I encourage clients to experiment with juices and smoothies, this detox includes all kinds of delicious foods for every meal…including snacks!

What will I be eating?

You will be eating fresh fruits and veggies along with healthy proteins, fats and carbs. The foods you will be eating will be easy on your digestive system, giving your body a chance to reset.   You will get a complete list of what to eat, including recipes to try & meal suggestions.

What about coffee?

Caffeine is one of the things we are eliminating in this detox.  If you’re nervous about this, ease yourself into it.  Try drinking 1/2 decaf for a few days.  Then 3/4 decaf.  Drinking lots of water will help reduce withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, which typically only last a day or two.  You can do it and will be amazed at how good you feel!

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.